Friday, 28 June 2013

introducing our visitors: Birgit Zartl

In the words of Kalblut Magazine -

"Austrian artist, Birgit Zartl, is a unique talent when it comes to monochrome photography but to painting as well. Having studied psychology in Vienna she tries to depict the most hidden parts of the human mind, quite successfully so. Playing with light, the subconscious and the sublime she re-creates long forgotten realms in her mainly internal paintings and photographs."

Birgit was recently interviewed by said magazine and you can read the rest here.

We will be exhibiting images from "The Book of Appropriated Portraits" - digital collages created using found photographs.

While being both an experimental photographer and an accomplished painter, Birgit also works full time as a psychotherapist. You can see Birgit's images here and her paintings here, if that wasn't enough, she has also published a few books.

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