Saturday, 29 June 2013

introducing our visitors: Nóra Barabás

Nóra Barabás was born and lives in Szeged, Hungary. Using photography as a form of self-expression, she captures the emotions, states of mind and atmosphere that inspire her. Her images are related to the self and perceptions of the self.

Nóra works primarily in black and white to better capture and visualise her “inner journey”.
As part of “Visitors”, we will be showing a selection of her analogue images. You can find more of Nóra’s works here.

As part of her artistic expression Nóra also collaborates with other photographers creating original images and diptychs, working both with analogue and digital tools. She runs features on her blog, bringing together the works of other artists and arranges them in an aesthetic and thoughtful way. Her journals are regularly posted here.

Nóra is a law student at Szeged University.

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