Saturday, 6 July 2013

introducing the organisers: Dafydd Williams and Zosia Krasnowolska

Dafydd Williams has worked as a trainee graphic designer, admin for a cleaning company, financial company and health service, an English teacher, proof-reader and hostel receptionist.

He is now an experimental photographer and camera builder and hopes to stick to that.

After a brief digital phase, Dafydd started taking analogue photos a few years ago. He has since modified several cameras, created a pin-hole holga, built two view cameras and is currently working on his third, a large format. Dafydd also enjoys testing new techniques and took part in (possibly) the first-ever polaroid film swap with a fellow photographer in Austria. He has taken part in "Pray for Japan by the 101", a project to raise money for victims of the tsunami in Japan. One of his visual poems was included in a book by Hanan Kazma. Dafydd has recently published his first book.


Zosia Krasnowolska is a cultural studies graduate, a translator and an English teacher.

Zosia has been taking photographs since a young age. Working almost exclusively with expired or supermarket film, and still using her first camera, Zosia explores the themes of silence and the passage of time.

Her latest series of images was made using the technique "natural diptychs", the idea of creating a single image out of 2 seperate images side-by-side, not by the selection of hindsight, but on the roll of film itself - with foresight.

Zosia recently participated in "dialography", a project began by an Iranian photographer Farhad Barham. She also contributed an image to "The Interpersonally Happy", an international project created to raise awareness of domestic violence. An e-book of the images selected has been released to help raise funds for the issue.

You can see more of her images here.

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