Monday, 1 July 2013

introducing our visitors: Nathan Duarte

Nathan Duarte lives in Toulouse, France.

He enjoys working with simple analogue cameras, instant film and expired film stock. In his photographic still lives, Nathan looks for aesthetics and originality, creating surreal and complex images. Using everyday objects out of their usual context and with a strong colour palette adds depth and layers to items we normally take for granted. He also explores architecture and urban spaces.

Nathan has self-published a book and is also a contributor at Global Mission of Art, an international online group for sharing and spreading artistic projects. You can find more of Nathan's images here and here.

He also kindly let us use his Holga image, Another Horizon, for the exhibition poster. Thank you so much Nathan! We will be showing a selection of prints made from Nathan's collection of images taken on instant film during the exhibition.

Nathan is a graduate of Intelligent and Interactive Systems Engineering.

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