Thursday, 4 July 2013

introducing our visitors: Dai Howell

Dai Howell lives in South Wales and is an MA photography student at Swansea Metropolitan University.

He specialises in the technique of light painting. Using a torch and long exposures, Dai creates spellbinding images, from childhood supersititions to myths of monsters, from fantastic night landscapes to alien visitations and from starlit skies to a reworking of one of Goya's painting. In Dai's own words, light painting "appears to have magical qualities. (...) The translation of Photography from the Greek word means painting with light. Using a torch to sculpt an image with light that can only be seen on the camera I think is quite a cool translation of the word".

Recently, he's been exploring the subject of how we interact with modern technology, and how our experience of computers and the Internet affects our world.

You can find more of his work here.

As part of our exhibition, we'll be showing Dai's older and more recent work.

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